Engaging your stakeholders 

Communication and networking are core activities when it comes to forging a better link between standardization and research. Both are important when you are planning your first involvement in research projects, and on a continuing basis throughout your involvement in research.

The importance of having a good communication plan

Experience has shown that many people involved in research have limited knowledge of standardization. This may also mean that they are not aware of the benefits that linking standardization and research can bring, and that they will not identify you as a potential partner for a research project, for example in Horizon 2020.

This is why a good promotion and communication plan is so important. Communication is not an end in itself but can raise awareness about the role of NSBs/NCs in research for your present and future stakeholders. You should help them understand the benefits of this collaboration and thereby motivate them to work with you.  

Clearly defining communication goals is the first step in  making choices concerning target groups, material, forms of communication and timing.

The next steps are: