Networking can also include a strong promotional component. Networking implies interaction between the members of a community, via such means as collaboration, brokering, or searching for opportunities.

Different possibilities for networking are:

  • joining established networks: sharing information, participating in events, initiatives;
  • creating your own virtual network around standardization, research and innovation to interact with the research community, bring them closer to the world of standardization and promote your participation in research projects (e.g. through social media).

If you are planning of organizing an event  for the research and innovation community, the document "Tips for organizing an event for researchers" provides tips based on experiences of CEN-CENELEC members who have previously organized such events (e.g. conferences, workshops). The document covers various aspects, from finding a title best suited for the purpose, to considering logistical aspects such as registration (with a special part dedicated to define the target group), dissemination and documentation of the event, messages, speakers and final evaluation from attendees.

The document also refers to a number of materials, samples of which are provided here: