CWA download area 

The CEN and CENELEC Boards agreed at their meeting of 29 March 2017 (CEN/CA Decision 29/2017 and CENELEC/CA Decision 146/14) that CWAs in the R&D domain be made publically available on the CEN and CENELEC websites if a pre-payment is made as compensation for the possible loss of revenue to the CEN and CENELEC members.

CWAs resulting from an EU-funded project (or more generally a Europe-wide project with public co-funding) are made available for download under this arrangement from this page.

    The same arrangement also exists for CWAs in the ICT domain. Two CWAs addressing Standards Essential Patents in IoT are hence of interest to the R&I community and are therefore also made available for download here below:

    • CWA 17431:2019 - Principles and guidance for licensing Standard Essential Patents in 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), including the Industrial Internet
    • CWA 95000:2019 - Core Principles and Approaches for Licensing of Standard Essential Patents


  • CWA 17147:2017 - Guidelines for the evaluation of installed security systems, based on the STEFi dimensions (CRISP)
  • CWA 17145-1:2017 - Ethics assessment for research and innovation - Part 1:Ethics committee (SATORI)
  • CWA 17145-2:2017 - Ethics assessment for research and innovation - Part 2:Ethical impact assessment framework (SATORI)
  • CWA17185:2017 - Methodology for Improving the Resource Efficiency of Energy Intensive Industrial Processes (TOP-REF)
  • CWA 17284:2018 - Materials modelling - Terminology, classification and metadata (MODENA)
  • CWA 17260:2018 - Guidelines on evaluation systems and schemes for physical security products (HECTOS)
  • CWA 17300:2018 - City Resilience Development - Operational Guidance (SMR)
  • CWA 17301:2018 - City Resilience Development - Maturity Model (SMR)
  • CWA 17302:2018 - City Resilience Development - Information Portal (SMR)
  • CWA 17335:2018 - Terminologies in crisis and disaster management (DRIVER+)
  • CWA 17354:2018 - Industrial Symbiosis: Core Elements and Implementation Approaches (SHAREBOX and EPOS)
  • CWA 17381:2019 - The Description and Assessment of Good Practices for Smart City solutions (SMARTER TOGETHER)
  • CWA 17382:2020 - Sustainable Energy Retrofit Process Management for Multi-Occupancy Residential Buildings with Owner Communities (SMARTER TOGETHER)
  • CWA 17437:2019 - Innovative and adaptable envelopes over existing façades in building refurbishment - Design, economic assessment, logistics and installation guidelines (BRESAER)
  • CWA 17384:2019 - Articulated industrial robots - Elastostatic compliance calibration (COROMA)
  • CWA 17453:2019 - Bionic Aircraft - Optimized ALM support structures made from Al alloys
  • CWA 17454:2019 - Bionic Aircraft - Quality control of metal ALM parts using the Ultrasonic Technique
  • CWA 17484:2020 - Anaerobic digestion plants - Feasibility assessment methodology for integrating a Volatile Fatty Acid Platform Technology (VOLATILE)
  • CWA 17486:2019 - Verification of performance levels of Galileo Enabled mass-market receivers
  • CWA 17492:2020 - Predictive control and maintenance of data intensive industrial processes (MONSOON)
  • CWA 17494:2020 - Analytics Insights and Scaling Policies for Microservices (UNICORN)
  • CWA 17502:2020 - Privacy of monitoring technology - Guidelines for introducing ambient and wearable monitoring technologies balancing privacy protection against the need for oversight and care (REACH2020)
  • CWA 17513:2020 - Crisis and disaster management - Semantic and syntactic interoperability (DRIVER+)
  • CWA 17515:2020 - Building a common simulation space (DRIVER+)
  • CWA 17553:2020 - Community face coverings - Guide to minimum requirements, methods of testing and use
  • CWA 17514:2020 - Systematic assessment of innovative solutions for crisis management - Trial guidance methodology (DRIVER+²)
  • CWA 17541:2020 - European Criteria for Quality Internships
  • CWA 50714:2020 - Reference model for distribution application for microgrids
  • CWA 17663:2021 - Measurement of Worker Satisfaction in Automated Systems - Methodology CEN Workshop Agreement
  • CWA 50271:2021 - Recommendations for a modular and cross-cutting Power Take-Off for wave energy direct drive linear solutions.
  • CWA 50272:2021 - Methodology, procedures and equipment required for the laboratory testing of a modular and crosscutting Power Take-Off for wave energy converters
  • CWA 17664:2021 - Lower-limb wearable devices - Performance test method for walking on uneven terrain
  • CWA 17726:2021 - High temperature accelerated ageing of advanced ceramic specimens for solar receivers and other applications under concentrated solar radiation