CWA download area 

The CEN and CLC Boards agreed at their meeting on 29 March 2017 (CEN/CA Decision 29/2017 and CENELEC/CA Decision 146/14) that CWAs in the R&D domain be made publically available on the CEN and CENELEC websites if a pre-payment is made as compensation for the possible loss of revenue to the CEN and CENELEC members.

The following CWAs resulting from an EU-funded project (or more generally a Europe-wide project with public co-funding) are made available for download under this arrangement:

  • CWA 17147:2017 - Guidelines for the evaluation of installed security systems, based on the STEFi dimensions (CRISP)
  • CWA 17145-1:2017 - Ethics assessment for research and innovation - Part 1:Ethics committee (SATORI)
  • CWA 17145-2:2017 - Ethics assessment for research and innovation - Part 2:Ethical impact assessment framework (SATORI)
  • CWA17185:2017 - Methodology for Improving the Resource Efficiency of Energy Intensive Industrial Processes (TOP-REF)
  • CWA 17284:2018 - Materials modelling - Terminology, classification and metadata (MODENA)
  • CWA 17260:2018 - Guidelines on evaluation systems and schemes for physical security products (HECTOS)
  • CWA 17300:2018 - City Resilience Development - Operational Guidance (SMR)
  • CWA 17301:2018 - City Resilience Development - Maturity Model (SMR)
  • CWA 17302:2018 - City Resilience Development - Information Portal (SMR)
  • CWA 17335:2018 - Terminologies in crisis and disaster management (DRIVER+)
  • CWA 17354:2018 - Industrial Symbiosis: Core Elements and Implementation Approaches (SHAREBOX and EPOS)
  • CWA 17381:2019 - The Description and Assessment of Good Practices for Smart City solutions (SMARTER TOGETHER)
  • CWA 17437:2019 - Innovative and adaptable envelopes over existing façades in building refurbishment - Design, economic assessment, logistics and installation guidelines (BRESAER)
  • CWA 17384:2019 - Articulated industrial robots - Elastostatic compliance calibration (COROMA)
  • CWA 17453:2019 - Bionic Aircraft - Optimized ALM support structures made from Al alloys
  • CWA 17454:2019 - Bionic Aircraft - Quality control of metal ALM parts using the Ultrasonic Technique
  • CWA 17486:2019 - Verification of performance levels of Galileo Enabled mass-market receivers
  • CWA 17492:2020 - Predictive control and maintenance of data intensive industrial processes (MONSOON)
  • CWA 17502:2020 - Privacy of monitoring technology - Guidelines for introducing ambient and wearable monitoring technologies balancing privacy protection against the need for oversight and care (REACH2020)