BRIDGIT2 project 

The BRIDGIT2 project, co-financed by the EC and EFTA, starting December 2017 and finishing end 2019, will build further on the main outputs and results of its predecessor, the BRIDGIT project. Even more than was the case in BRIDGIT, the BRIDGIT2 project will seek for the research and innovation community to fully engage with standardization. The project will also collect compelling evidence that standardization facilitates the market uptake of outcomes from H2020 and earlier framework programmes and thus also should have has an important role to play in FP9.

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Note: the project BRIDGIT "Bridging the gap between research and standardization" was launched in January 2013 and was closed in March 2015, with the aim to promote the interaction between research and standardization and to strengthen the capabilities of the CEN and CENELEC members to become a partner in research and innovation projects.