CEN-CENELEC Workshop on European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing Interoperability (EFPFInterOp) 

In the framework of the research project European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing (EFPF), co-funded by the Horizon2020 Program of the European Commission, Grant Agreement No. 825075, existing standards were analysed regarding their ability to support the concept of a federated digital manufacturing platform. Identified gaps in these standards will be reported to the responsible technical body. But there are areas, identified as being critical for the success of a B2B platform economy, not covered by the work program of existing European standardization/technical bodies.

EFPF will support European companies to create and operate ad-hoc collaborative networks to address dynamic manufacturing needs for mass-customisation and lot-size-one production. This is achieved by federating manufacturing platforms developed in the EC funded projects.

The main EFPF objectives are:

  • To foster the growth of a pan-European platform ecosystem that enables the transition from “analogue-first” mass production, to “digital twins” and lot-size-one manufacturing
  • To provide a unified Portal through which new and existing users can simply and seamlessly access the full range of services provided by the federated platforms
  • To support developers to create digital tools/services of direct added value to manufacturers, especially for lot-size-one production, through dynamic collaboration
  • To extend and align existing Marketplace functionalities
  • To avoid the fragmentation of European digital manufacturing platforms and services
  • To establish standardised, industry-relevant platform architectures

Based on the above detailed objectives the motivation of EFPF for creating the CEN-CENELEC Workshop is to have a standardized interoperability framework enabling an open market infrastructure for European manufacturing, interlinking digital manufacturing platforms, smart factory tools and Industry 4.0 concepts to realise and support a connected and smart ecosystem of the future.

The kick-off Meeting (virtual meeting) will take place on 16 December 2020. The agenda will follow shortly.

You can send your comments to draft Project Plan using the below commenting form to the Workshop Secretary, Martin LORENZ (m.lorenz@austrian-standards.at)