CEN/WS - ‘Innovative testing in support of the sheet metal forming industry’  

The workshop is a result of the currently ongoing Horizon 2020 FormPlanet project (Sheet metal forming testing hub), whose general objective is to develop and demonstrate an integrated ecosystem offering novel testing methodologies to characterise metal sheet properties, predict part performance and prevent production loses to the sheet forming industries to tackle the upcoming challenges in formability of processing sensitive materials.

In the future, a Test Bed service provision will be offered through a solid, sustainable and simple organisational structure, based on the partners' experience and FormPlanet results, e.g. CWAs developed by this CEN/WS, with strong business focus.
The scope of the CEN/WS is to develop novel testing methodologies that allow to characterise metal sheet properties and predict part performance. The activities of the CEN/WS will be aligned and coordinated with those CEN/TCs with which a direct relationship may exist.
In principle, this workshop will develop two CWAs according this scope, based on some FormPlanet findings and deliverables:

  • CWA #1 Determination of fracture toughness in thin metal sheets
  • CWA #2 Measurement of diffusible hydrogen in metallic materials – HELIOS 4 HOT PROBE method

The secretariat is hold by the Spanish Standardization Body, UNE.

The kick-off meeting will be held on 2 December 2020 by teleconference. People can register by sending an email to Mr. Javier López-Quiles (jlopez@une.org).

All interested parties are invited to submit comments on the draft Project Plan through the commenting form above to the Workshop Secretary, Mr. Javier López-Quiles (jlopez@une.org).