CEN-CENELEC Workshop 17 – Development of a GALILEO enabled label 

The CEN-CENELEC/WS 17 intends to develop a CWA (CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement) which will define the technical requirements for the different performance levels and the associated verification procedures of GALILEO Enabled receivers for mass market.
Results of the research carried out so far by the sponsors will be transferred to the proposed CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement to disseminate these results to stakeholders. The final deliverable of this Workshop is expected to be finalized end 2019.

The proposers of this CEN-CENELEC Workshop are VVA, GMV and ATN (for more information please consult the Draft Project Plan). 

Interested parties can submit comments on the draft Project Plan via the Commenting form to the Workshop Secretary Mr Jose Antonio JIMÉNEZ CABALLERO (jjimenez@une.org). Deadline to submit your comments: 09-10-2019.

Download the documents: