Draft CWA “Core Principles and Approaches for Licensing of Standard Essential Patents” is made available for public review and commenting 


On 12 February 2018, one of two Workshops aiming to produce a set of core principles and approaches for the licensing of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) was launched in Berlin.

Following a consultation among the Workshop registered participants, this Workshop “CEN-CENELEC/WS SEP2 - Industry Best Practices and an Industry Code of Conduct for Licensing of Standard Essential Patents in the field of 5G and Internet of Things”, whose Secretariat is held by DIN, and which is sponsored by the Fair Standards Alliance and ACT | The App Association, agreed on the final draft for its CWA.

A public review and commenting period is now organized until 28 March 2019 (24:00 CET). Comments received will be considered by the Workshop before the resulting consensus outcome of the Workshop is published as a CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement (CWA).
Comments can be submitted to the Workshop Secretary, Mr Joachim Lonien using the commenting form.
For more information, please contact Luc Van den Berghe (CEN-CENELEC) or Joachim Lonien (DIN).

Note: In a parallel Workshop, proposed by IP Europe and Nokia, a set of alternative views on the subject of the licensing of SEPs is being developed.