CEN-CENELEC Workshop on Interoperability of Security Systems for the Surveillance of Widezones 

Critical infrastructure, such as highways, energy lines or pipelines, may spread over large areas covering wide geographic zones called widezones. There is clearly a need to provide proper security for such infrastructure against illicit actions and against incidents that may escalate to crises. Damages, intentional or not, to critical points (functions, equipment and controls) can compromise the integrity of the involved CI installations and the security of energy and resources supply, with adverse socio-economic effects to citizens, customers and the environment (major accidents). These could lead to large systemic failures of the processes operating in widezones, while economic stability, safety and security in Europe could be potentially compromised. As a result, developing 24/7 surveillance systems for the security of widezones is of major strategic relevance to European economies, industries, authorities and citizens.

The “ZONeSEC” FP7 project partners have worked together towards identifying a guide to a total solution for the protection of widezone infrastructures. A wide range of stakeholders across the EU might be benefitting of guidance and offers guidelines on the architecture in order to address the processing and communication performance limitations, introducing concepts like sensor clusters and sensor capillaries.

This CWA will provide guidance on aspects of the communication requirements between the entities in a widezone surveillance system and in particular the data and metadata that needs to be exchanged.

The kick-off meeting was held on 11 December 2017 in Athens, where the draft Project Plan has been approved.

The final deliverable of this Workshop is expected to be published in Q1 2019.