Brussels, 16 December - Twelve officers holding the Chair or Secretariat of CEN and CENELEC Technical Bodies were presented the CEN and CENELEC Technical Body Officers and Secretaries Awards on 12 December 2019 in Brussels. The Awards are a biennial event through which outstanding contributions of experts to the work of European standardization is celebrated. The occasion was also an opportunity for the announcement of the first edition of the “Standards + Innovation” awards, which acknowledged three Technical Body Officers who contributed to bridging the gap between research and standardization.

An average of 1500 European Standards are added to the CEN and CENELEC catalogue every year thanks to the commitment and hard work of around 90.000 experts coming from all around Europe. By sharing their expertise and knowledge with peers across Europe and beyond, they shape the standards that improve the lives of millions of citizens, as well as contribute to strengthening the European economy.

In order to celebrate this important contribution, every two years CEN and CENELEC hold an awards ceremony in Brussels to pay tribute to a selection of Technical Body Chairs and Secretaries. The awardees, through their hard work and long-term commitment, have fostered standardization advances in their specific sector of expertise, building high consensus among the experts, unblocking difficult situations and increasing the efficiency of the standardization system. The ceremony takes place in the occasion of the Technical Bodies Seminar, where experts from different Technical Bodies and representatives from National Standardization Organizations meet to receive trainings and exchange views and best practices.

During the ceremony, the Chairpersons of five CEN, three CENELEC and two joint CEN-CENELEC Technical Committees selected following a strict procedure, received the Award 2019. Two additional awards were also given to Secretaries who also substantially contributed to the work and activities of their Committees.

On behalf of CENELEC, President Dany Sturtewagen presented the Awards to the following Officers:

On behalf of CEN, Director General Elena Santiago Cid presented the Awards to the following Officers:

Together with the TBO Awards, during the ceremony also the nominees to the first edition of the “Standards + Innovation” awards for Technical Body Officers were announced. The aim of the award is to acknowledge the Technical Body Officers who are pro-actively inviting the Research and Innovation community into their standardization groups.

The Standards + Innovation awards were launched in 2019 to celebrate the role of standards in fostering innovation. The first two awards, dedicated to European innovation and research projects and to individuals who have contributed to the interaction between standardization and research, were given out on the occasion of the European Conference “Boosting Innovation through Standards” on 13 November in Brussels.

On behalf of CEN, Director General Elena Santiago Cid presented the “Standard + Innovation” Awards to the following Officers:

Group picture of all present awardees. 1st row from left to right: Mr John Davies;  Ms Hla-Shwe Tun; Dr Bernard Gindroz; Mr James Hubbard.

2nd row from left to right: Mr Robert Lévy; Mr Sohéil Moghtader; Mr Howard Mason; Ms Liesbeth Jansen.

3rd row from left to right: Mrs Elena Santiago Cid; Ms Maria Gustafsson; Mr Alan Green; Mr Andreas Schleifer; Mr Peter Heffels; Mr Dany Sturtewagen.

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