StandarDays Programme 

StandarDays Programme  



Registration and welcome coffee & tea


Welcome to the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre


Everything you wanted to know about standardisation but you were afraid to ask

Roll call conducted by Isabel Quintana Soria, Director Human Resources & Quality


Standards Matter - Bird's Eye View on the European Standardisation System 

Jean-Paul Vetsuypens, Director Standards

11:00 - 11:15

Why and how to get involved in standardisation - Different Solutions for Different Needs 

Ashok Ganesh, Director Innovation


How to Get Started Part 1: Developing a European Standard - The Process

Ingrid Soetaert, Unit Manager, Industry, Technology & Infrastructure (IT&I), Standards


From the Praxis - European Standards and Business

Willem Wolf, Director NEC


Questions & Answers

13:05 -14:00



How to Get Started Part 2: Developing a Workshop Agreement

Alina Iatan, Programme Manager, Sustainability & Services, Standards


Bring your idea to the market - Standardisation as a support tool to research  projects

Ségolène Martin, Programme Manager, Research Integration  


Accommodating Societal Needs in Standardisation: Access, Sustainability, Energy

Cinzia Missiroli, Unit Manager, Sustainability & Services, Standards


Final round-up quiz and evaluation

Roll call conducted by Isabel Quintana Soria


Close of Day 1

Programme DAY 2

Session 1 - Shaping European Standards - Get involved in the development of European Standards

Would you like to know more about the development of a European Standard? The Standards Department of the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre will guide you through the process. You will learn how European Standards are initiated, developed, published, and how existing European Standards are reviewed and amended. Find out how an individual, organisation or industry business can contribute to the drafting of a standard.

Session 2 - Workshop Agreements

Do you deal with emerging technologies or very specific technologies with concentrated expertise? Do you need to establish consensus on good practices? Do you need guidance on the use or application of standards or technical specifications? The Workshop Agreement can be the right solution for you if your business is affected by a fast-changing market. Find out how you can participate, and how the CEN and CENELEC Workshop process works.

Session 3 - Accessing Information about Standardisation

Where to find information on European Standardisation? This session aims to provide you with practical information about the various electronic tools used by the CEN & CENELEC world. It gives you
an overview of both publically available information as well as an idea of tools with restricted access that are used by our stakeholders to communicate and manage the standardization work.

Session 4 - Product Certification in the Single Market & the Keymark

The Keymark is a voluntary European certification mark, demonstrating that a product or service is in conformity with the European Standard. It is a full-fledged so-called ISO/IEC type 5 product certification system and it brings the same message to the European enterprises as the message of the European Standard: one standard covering the whole Single Market, one label covering the whole Single Market.

What is certification? Is it not just another word for accreditation? But accreditation is the same as notification, is it not? What do we need the Keymark for anyway? We already have CE marking in Europe! Get to know the Keymark and understand the world of European conformity assessment and certification. 

Session 5 - The Vienna and Dresden Agreements - CEN and CENELEC as International Partners

Would you like to learn more about the technical cooperation between CEN and ISO (International Organization Standardization) and CENELEC and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)? Should international standards be adopted in Europe whenever possible? How to avoid duplication of standardization work and how can expertise be bundled? What are the modes of co-operation between CEN and ISO and CENELEC and IEC? How do European Standards respond to needs in the other regions?

Learn more about CEN's and CENELEC’s partnership with resp. ISO or IEC and how European Standards can also help to open global markets. 

Session 6 - Standardisation Activities, European Standards and Intellectual Property Rights

The use of European Standards is fundamental for wide adoption of new technologies, which are often patented. What is the interaction between patent rights and European standards? How can we assure widespread use of standards while preserving the patent holder’s rights?

Copyright allows CEN and CENELEC communities a fair return to cover the cost of the work done. CEN’s and CENELEC’s National Members and National Committees enjoy the exploitation rights on the copyrighted standard documents. Therefore, they have full right to sell, reproduce, translate, and otherwise exploit CEN and CENELEC technical publications. How can stakeholders use these documents while preserving the copyright of CEN and CENELEC? What are the modalities during the standardization making process to ensure that the copyright is properly addressed?

Session 7 - Standards as a Support Tool to FP7 Projects

Standardisation is an essential tool in bringing your ideas to the market. Despite the numerous advantages of standardization for research and innovation, standardization can often seem complex, difficult to access, and with too lengthy procedures.

PowerPoint presentations from the Session 7:

  • Who. Why. How.

  • How to take up standardization in your FP7 project

  • Integrating standardisation with research

Session 8 - How Legislation and Standardisation Go Together - New Legislative Framework

What is the purpose of Directives that have been adopted on the basis of the New Approach? How can these ensure the free movement of goods? How can European Standards support legislation? Learn how European Standards Bodies offer one route to complying with these essential requirements by drawing up Technical Specifications.