Webinar - Flexible standards development process - Clarifications & improvements 

When: Thursday 29 October, 10:00 CET


With decisions BT 041/2020 & D166/002, CEN and CENELEC Technical Boards have approved the new document detailing all elements of the ‘Flexible Standards Development Process’.

The recent changes to the document consist of
• some clarifications when applying the process to the CEN-CLC Joint Technical Committees, including operational aspects,
• some improvements in planning the target dates for CENELEC WIs by adding in the NWIP the duration in weeks (see Appendix D),
• additions to reflect some decisions taken by the Technical Boards, such as the translation before FV for all ENs and the 5-week editing before FV,
• clarifications on the transition from the old system to new one for old WIs (see second part of Appendix C).

This webinar will:
- Clarify some aspects of the flexible process as emerged from your questions in these first months of implementation
- Present the new changes

Target audience: CEN and CENELEC Technical Body Officers.

Register: https://cencenelec.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_9zW-Z2ztRMu2vtBf2fwiZQ

Contact: trainings@cencenelec.eu