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CEN-CENELEC Sector Forum Personal Protective Equipment Workshop ‘Smart garments & equipment’

When: Monday 14 October 2019

Where: CEN-CENELEC Management Centre, Brussels [map]

Programme: download the programme


The 3 tasks of M/553

Legal framework

Examples from industry and R&D –presentations from various stakeholders


Why this Workshop?
In our daily life, we see more and more 'smart' products appearing, also in garments and other (protective) equipment.
The developments of this type of products will continue to change the performance and functionalities in the near future.
To make sure that market introduction of these products is not hindered by lack of assessment methods to prove compliance with
EU legal requirements, for instance on the protective functionalities, it is necessary to make sure that standards are up-to-date
with these developments.

An exciting and interactive one-day workshop for a better understanding of the development of smart garments, textiles and equipment, with feedback on the needs and expectations from users and testing authorities. Apart from technical aspects, also data protection and cybersecurity aspects are at stake.

During the workshop participants will have the possibility to showcase in a couple of minutes (max 5 minutes) the newest developments and share their experiences and concerns with standards and conformity assessment.

For whom?

Representatives of:

  • Manufacturers and designers of smart (protective) garments and equipment
  • Manufacturers and designers of electronics (sensors, communication, …) and wearables that can be applied in smart protective equipment
  • Researchers in this domain or related topics
  • Test laboratories and authorities
  • Societal stakeholders
  • Other interested parties

InformationInga Troester, Secretary of CEN-CENELEC Sector Forum PPE