Standards for circular economy: waste management and secondary raw materials 

When: 8 September 2016
Where: Brussels - The Hotel

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Today’s approach of ‘take-make-dispose is rapidly using up the world’s resources.
The circular economy concept is looking at ‘closing the loop’ of product lifecycles, while at the same time pushing us to re-think and
re-design our approach to the environment and economy.

But making the transition to a circular economy is complex and brings with it a new set of challenges.

Engage and learn how industry is making the shift from the linear approach to a circular thinking, with a focus on waste and secondary raw materials.

The role of standards is key in this process and during the workshop you will connect with key industry representatives to:

  • define the state of play and challenges for industry to act on managing waste and use of secondary raw materials
  • establish a clustering of potential solutions and priorities.
  • outline standards and standardization solutions missing to enable the circular economy to function

So join us for this valuable exchange and engage in this strategic exercise for growth and jobs in Europe.