CEN and CENELEC published a new Position Paper on the future of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 


The construction sector is among the most relevant ones for the EU’s economy: the value of the construction products market is estimated at approximately €500 billion; the construction sector provides 18 million jobs through more than 3 million enterprises and is responsible for about 9% of the European Union’s GDP.

CEN and CENELEC, as two of the official European Standardization Organizations (ESOs), support the construction sector, developing harmonized European standards in support of the Construction Products Regulation (Regulation EU 305/2011 - CPR). European product standards, the core of the harmonized standards, are an essential tool for all stakeholders in the construction sector.

This important role is highlighted in the recent ‘CEN and CENELEC Position Paper on the implementation and future of the CPR’, published in response to the public consultation launched by the European Commission.

In the Paper, CEN and CENELEC affirm their support of the current CPR framework and the important role of European harmonized standards in making it possible, but emphasize that for the correct implementation of the CPR, the European Commission must provide a solid legal basis for the CPR system to work. In this regard, they call for mandates to be revised through standardization requests, and for clear legal guidance to be provided.

Furthermore, CEN and CENELEC call for a constructive dialogue with the European Commission to find joint solutions to improve the citation of harmonized standards and remain committed to ensuring that the European standardization system remains an effective, transparent and flexible mechanism, for the benefit of and supported by the industry and interested parties.

The full policy paper can be read and downloaded on CEN and CENELEC’s website.


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