Trust in new technologies: CEN and CENELEC published a new series of European standards on cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity image

In a world increasingly relying on digital technologies and data to function, opportunities go hand in hand with potential risks. For this reason, cybersecurity is at the centre of international efforts, both public and private, to minimise dangers for critical infrastructure and personal data, thus ensuring that the highest number possible of individuals and companies, in all sectors, can benefit from new technologies.

In this context, the standardization community is playing an important role: standards for cybersecurity and data protection are currently being developed both internationally and at the European level to address the risks posed by cyber-attacks and help ensure high levels of protection.

As part of this effort, CEN and CENELEC’s JTC 13 ‘Cybersecurity and Data Protection’ just released a series of European Standards (ENs).
The new standards provide a series of guidelines and criteria to assess the security level of IT systems, cryptographic modules and privacy.

The standards presented above consist of the adoption for the European Single Market of standards developed at the international level, in the framework of ISO and IEC’s JTC 1 ‘Information Technology’, the main body responsible for international standardization on cybersecurity. This work of development at the international level ensures a high level of coordination in establishing a common, global and effective degree of protection.

JTC 13 ‘Cybersecurity and Data Protection’ focusses on the development of standards for cybersecurity and data protection covering all aspects of the evolving information society. Its Secretariat is held by DIN, the German National Standardization Body.

Read the interview with Wolfgang Niedziella, Chair of IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE), to know more about cybersecurity standardization.

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