The CEN and CENELEC Annual Reports 2020 are out!  

CEN and CENELEC Annual Reports for 2020 have been published and are now available.

The Annual Reports consist of three parts: the joint CEN and CENELEC activities and one each individual report for CEN and CENELEC. The document provides an overview of the relevant and diverse standardization activities that the CEN and CENELEC community implemented over the course of 2020, a challenging but successful year.

Indeed, 2020 has proven to be an unexpectedly challenging and transformative year for CEN and CENELEC: the COVID-19 outbreak has forced us to change our long-established assumptions and methods of working while at the same time putting our European Standards in support of the European economic recovery in the spotlight. The effectiveness of our response during this emergency has been proof of the strength and resilience of the European Standardization System (ESS), and of its ability to contribute to Europe’s recovery.

Some highlights that testify the hard work and commitment of CEN and CENELEC, and our value for the single market, include:

  • CEN and CENELEC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lessons learnt;
  • the development of the joint Strategy 2030;
  • the support European Standards provide to the EU policy priorities in the framework of the twin digital and green transition;
  • CEN and CENELEC’s work on cybersecurity and AI.

These successes, and many others, are a good example of the strength of the European Standardization System, which allows CEN and CENELEC to look with optimism to the future.

To learn more about CEN and CENELEC’s activities in 2020, read and download the full version of the CEN and CENELEC Annual Reports.

For more information, please contact Giovanni Collot