SABE to launch the new Joint Group ‘Circular Economy’ 

In the spring of 2020, the Strategic Advisory Body on Environment (SABE) will launch a new Joint Group on Circular Economy (JG-CE). The purpose of this Joint Group is to provide advice and coordinate CEN and CENELEC’s standardization activities related to the Circular Economy.

The transition towards a Circular Economy is widely considered as a necessary step to address the challenges related to the creation of a more sustainable economy. This will however require a transformation of our current ways of producing and consuming, collaborating and running businesses by closing the circle at the highest possible level (e.g. through repair or re-manufacturing), rather than exporting recyclable materials or applying thermal recovery. Standardization can help to provide a clear way to achieve these aims.

Standards already address a wide range of issues contributing to the transition, thanks to the work of a variety of technical committees (TCs). Both for the drafting of new standards and for the adjustment of existing standards, a coordinated approach will enable technical committees to develop standards concurrently while avoiding unnecessary duplications.

The JG-CE will therefore focus on identifying and discussing strategic standardization issues in need of action from CEN and CENELEC and will advise on standardization priorities based on these needs, proposing medium- and long-term market-driven standardization activities to contribute to the transition to a Circular Economy.


Representatives from relevant CEN and CENELEC TCs, liaisons from relevant ISO and IEC committees or thematic groups and NSB representatives are specifically invited to join the JG-CE. Experts in relevant fields of CE and/or members of industry who are not yet involved in related standardization work are also welcomed to the JG-CE.

The JG-CE will normally meet 2 times a year, preferably in conjunction with SABE plenary meetings. When otherwise agreed within the group, it could meet more frequently, then including other places within Europe

The Secretariat for the JG-CE is held by NEN, the Netherlands Standardization Institute. Please indicate your interest to join by sending your contact details to this e-mail address:

For more information on the SABE Joint Group ‘Circular Economy’ please contact Boukje VAN REIJN, Program Manager Circular Economy at NEN or Andrea NAM, Project Manager at CEN and CENELEC.