Communication on measures in response to Coronavirus outbreak in Italy  

In response to the current rapid dissemination of coronavirus (Covid-19) in Northern Italy, CEN and CENELEC’s Italian Members UNI and CEI have adopted a series of urgent measures with regards to their standardization activities: all national, European and international meetings scheduled to take place in the premises of UNI and CEI in Milan and Rome are cancelled, and UNI and CEI staff will not attend meetings abroad, for a period still to be defined. To minimise the impact of this decision and ensure as much as possible business continuity, UNI and CEI resort, when possible, to the use of web conference facilities. CEN and CENELEC, on their part, have asked their staff to refrain from travelling to affected areas for business reasons.

These exceptional measures are put in place in full compliance with Italian public authorities, and respond to the need to keep the situation under control, as, according to medical specialists, human aggregations are the quickest way to spread the virus. 

In the comings days, CEN and CENELEC will follow the situation closely and communicate on its developments. Should other CEN and CENELEC members put any measures in place with regards this exceptional circumstances, please do not hesitate to inform us.

For more information, please contact Giovanni COLLOT.