CEN and CENELEC launched a new Joint TC on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies 

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) are among the most promising developments in ICT for sharing data and managing transactions in a decentralised, controlled manner. The use of Blockchain and DLTs continues to grow rapidly, notably in the context of Industry 4.0, thus creating both new opportunities and challenges for business and society.

In order to contribute to ensuring a smooth and safe adoption of new technologies in Europe, CEN and CENELEC recently established new CEN-CENELEC JTC 19 ‘Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies’, based on the recommendations presented in the CEN-CENELEC White Paper on ‘Recommendations for Successful Adoption in Europe of Emerging Technical Standards on Distributed Ledger/Blockchain Technologies’. The JTC, whose Secretariat is held by UNI, the Italian Standardization Body, will be responsible for the development and adoption of standards for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, covering the following aspects: organizational frameworks and methodologies, processes and products evaluation schemes, distributed ledger guidelines, smart technologies, objects, distributed computing devices and data services.

In particular, CEN-CLC/JTC 19 will proceed with the identification and adoption of international standards already available or under development. The JTC will work in close contact with ISO/TC 307 ‘Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies’. Furthermore, CEN-CLC/JTC 19 will focus on specific European legislative and policy requirements, in support of the development of the EU Digital Single Market.

For more information, please contact Constant KOHLER.