EN 15804:2012+A2:2019 sets new rules for the environmental product declaration of construction products 

CEN/TC 350 ‘ Sustainability of construction works’ is responsible for the development of horizontal standardized methods for the sustainability assessment of new and existing construction works and for standards for the environmental product declaration (EPD) of construction products. The Secretariat is currently held by AFNOR, the French Standardization body.

EPD is a standardized way to quantify and communicate the environmental impacts of a product. The objective of an EPD in the construction sector is to provide the basis for assessing buildings and other construction works.

On 30 October 2019, CEN/TC 350 published the new standard EN 15804:2012+A2:2019 ‘Sustainability of construction works - Environmental product declarations - Core rules for the product category of construction products’.

This standard provides core product category rules (PCR) for Type III environmental declarations for any construction product and construction service. It defines the environmental indicators that have to be declared and describes which stages of the product’s life cycle are considered in the EPD and which processes are to be included. Additionally, it provides rules for the Life Cycle Inventory and the Life Cycle Impact Assessment, as well as for reporting environmental and health information that is not covered by LCA for a construction product, process or service.

As a follow up, CEN/TC 350 will be active in the revision of EN 15978 ‘Sustainability of construction works - Assessment of environmental performance of buildings - Calculation method’ to align it with the recently published EN 15804:2012+A2:2019.

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