‘Boosting Innovation through Standards’: CEN and CENELEC organise a European conference bridging the gap between researchers and standardization 

In today’s global economy, based on knowledge, the ability to innovate and for those innovations to access the market is fundamental to compete. Unfortunately, Europe still suffers from a gap between first-class research and the failure to transfer it into marketable innovations – known as the “European innovation paradox”.

European standards can provide a solution to this gap. In order to discover how, CEN and CENELEC, two of the officially recognised European standardization organizations, are organising the conference Boosting Innovation through standards – Your Gateway to the market. A major appointment in the European innovation ecosystem, the high-level event will take place in Brussels on 13th November 2019 with the financial support of the European Commission and EFTA.

The aim of the conference is to boost the market uptake of innovation and research outcomes by using standardization as an enabler. Over the course of the day, leading experts in innovation and standardization will present their experiences in linking the two worlds and highlighting how each one is benefiting from the other.

Through different thematic sections, scientists and researchers will get to know how standards work and how they can be used successfully for the scaling up of innovations. The event will also be an opportunity to connect and build bridges across the research and standardization communities.

The quality of the get-together is ensured by its wide and selected pool of speakers: representatives from the European Commission, the standardization community, university and research, start-ups and innovation centres will provide detailed and in-depth insight into the various aspects of standardization.

The ‘Boosting innovation through standards’ conference is free of charge and is open to everyone interested in the connection between standards and innovation, such as: entrepreneurs looking to break into a market of 600 million consumers; innovators interested in knowing how their ideas can reach the market; researchers eager to learn how to integrate standardization in research programmes; and innovation enablers (NCPs, European Federations, ETPs and other multipliers).

To know more about the event and register (for free), please visit the official website https://www.eu-ems.com. For more information, please contact Samira NIK.

The conference is the culmination of the BRIDGIT2 project. The BRIDGIT2 project, co-financed by the EC and EFTA, is a consortium of 10 national standardization bodies and CEN and CENELEC whose aim is to strengthen the bonds between standardization and the European research and innovation communities (R&I). It started December 2017 to finish at the end of 2019. For more information about BRIDGIT2, you can visit the website www.cencenelec.eu/research/BRIDGIT2/Pages/default.aspx.