The CEN and CENELEC Annual Report 2018 is out!  

We are happy to inform our readers that the CEN and CENELEC Annual Report for 2018 has been published!

The Annual Report presents the main achievements accomplished in 2018 in standardization, testifying to CEN and CENELEC’s extensive effort to make the European Standardization System fit to the evolving needs of the market, the industry and society at large.

In 2018, European Standardization continued to prove its value for Europe's economic and societal growth, bolstering Europe’s ability to navigate the 4th Industrial Revolution as a leader in a particularly challenging global ecosystem. CEN and CENELEC have contributed directly to many of the priorities under the Europe 2020 strategy, amongst other related to jobs & growth, the Digital Single Market, the Internal Market, and the Energy Union and Climate.

At the heart of this lies our work to make standards fit for the digital age, as part of the implementation of our ‘Strategic Plan for Digital Transformation’, with the launch of four pilot projects on online standards development, machine interpretable standards, strategic alliances and Open Source Innovations.

Another area of focus has been to facilitate international trade by creating and supporting five Taskforces, led by CEN and CENELEC members, aiming to reinforce international partnerships and trade relations through standards with the five priority countries and regions identified: Africa, China, India, Gulf region and Japan.

These successes and many others are a good example of the strength of the European standardization system, which allows CEN and CENELEC to look with optimism at the future.

To learn more about CEN and CENELEC’s activities in 2018, read and download the full online version of the CEN and CENELEC Annual Report!

For more information contact Giovanni COLLOT.