CEN and CENELEC publish new Guides on how to address climate change impacts in standards and how to address environmental issues in testing standards 

CEN and CENELEC have recently published two new Guides, which are intended to help those who are involved in drafting standards to take climate change impacts and environmental issues related to testing into account.

CEN-CENELEC Guide 32 'Guide for addressing climate change adaptation in standards' is intended to help standard writers address the consequences and implications of climate change. It includes a simple checklist to help establish whether climate change adaptation is relevant to a particular standardization activity and a decision tree to help identify which actions should be taken.

CEN-CENELEC Guide 33 'Guide for addressing environmental issues in testing standards' provides guidance on how to address environmental issues in testing standards, in order to reduce the environmental impact of testing processes. The Guide includes a checklist that can be used to identify which specific issues should be addressed by a particular testing standard.

All CEN-CENELEC Guides may be downloaded (free of charge) from the CEN-CENELEC website.

In the framework of CEN, the two new CEN-CENELEC Guides can be seen as complementing CEN Guide 4 'Guide for addressing environmental issues in product standards', which is based on ISO Guide 64. The 3rd edition of CEN Guide 4 was published in 2008, and may be found on the CEN (BOSS) website. Any related enquiries should be addressed to the CEN Environmental Helpdesk.