Green Data Centres – the sustainable way 

The fast development of the digital world led to an increasing demand for data.  This demand lead to the creation of new data centres of all sizes serving a variety of business objectives and the consumer demand for digital services.

Picture showing green data centre













It was recognized that this increasing demand for data results in a huge demand for power and the sustainable management of the related energy consumption is crucial. Addressing the energy efficiency of the data centres proved to be a complicated and challenging objective, therefore there is a need to provide industry stakeholders guidance on energy management and environmental viability.

In order to tackle the challenges, CEN, CENELEC and ETSI decided to join their forces and established in 2011 the CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Joint Coordination Group on Green Data Centres with the task to manage and coordinate European activities related to data centres energy efficiency.

The group has developed and maintains a report providing a mapping of European and international standards and other relevant documents applicable to the construction, implementation and operation of data centres and the equipment and systems contained within them (available in the CENELEC website). This report is to be seen as a tool presenting the standards landscape that would improve energy management of data centres (reduction of the energy consumption, re-use any heat waste from the data centre, etc..).