NEW Guide for addressing accessibility in standards 

CEN and CENELEC are pleased to announce that a NEW 'Guide for addressing accessibility in standards' is now available for download (free of charge) from the CEN-CENELEC website.

The new edition of CEN-CENELEC Guide 6 replaces the previous edition (published in 2002). It has been produced in the framework of the long-standing collaboration between the European Standardization Organizations and their international counterparts (ISO, IEC and ITU). CEN-CENELEC Guide 6:2014 (pdf format) is identical to ISO/IEC Guide 71:2014  which was published on 1 December 2014.

CEN-CENELEC Guide 6 (2014) is intended for use by standards developers, as well as by designers, manufacturers, service providers, service users and policy makers. It sets out a methodology for considering accessibility and integrating relevant requirements during the development and revision of standards for a wide variety of products, services and environments.

The ultimate aim of the new Guide is to ensure, by means of voluntary standards, that products and services may be accessed and used by all persons - irrespective of need, ability, age, or size. This is important because accessibility needs vary substantially and change throughout the course of our lives, as we move from childhood to adulthood and then into old age.

The new edition of CEN-CENELEC Guide 6 acknowledges the existence of different approaches to the subject of accessibility, and suggests ways in which they can complement each other. It looks at the relationship between systems and persons, as well as the characteristics of persons as expressed in terms of categories of conditions and health care contexts.

By adopting and publishing this Guide, CEN and CENELEC reaffirm their commitment to addressing and integrating accessibility in European Standards.