CEN and CENELEC launched a new Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence  

Following recent developments in Artificial Intelligence and the challenges identified by the EU Commission creating a need for standardization, the CEN-CENELEC/BTWG 6 “ICT Standardization policy” has proposed the creation of a Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence. On 24 April 2019, the CEN-CENELEC Focus Group on AI held its Kick-Off Meeting in Copenhagen, as Danish Standards holds the secretariat.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is progressing continuously and is widely affecting the industry under a variety of aspects, such as automation, data management, integration of smart technology. Society is also impacted as AI changes the way businesses operate, streamline production, transforms workers' skillsets and finally day-to-day life of consumers, etc. AI applies to a variety of sectors where standardization is of high relevance like in: smart manufacturing, robotics, autonomous transportation (including cars, trains, etc.), virtual reality, healthcare, visual recognition, data analysis/manipulation, AI assisted decision-making, home appliances, cybersecurity or spatial programming, etc.

Challenges identified in the European Commission’s Communication ‘Artificial Intelligence for Europe’, COM(2018) 237, refer to the deployment, interoperability, scalability, societal acceptability/concerns, safety and liability of AI, thus creating a need for standardization. The CEN-CENELEC Focus Group on AI is the starting point to support the identification of specific European Standardization needs. It will also address big data in order to mirror the standardization work at international level.

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Article date: 2019-05-16