Progressing standardization cooperation with four top priority ‘foreign’ partners 

In line with the prioritisation exercise of CEN and CENELEC on their international partnerships, four Task Forces were created in June 2018. Their mission is to develop, implement and monitor long-term roadmaps and annual action plans in the context of cooperation with Africa, the Gulf region, India and Japan, based on real market needs. The four Task Forces created join the already existing Task Force on China, established on 23 May.

The first meetings of the four new Task Forces, gathering together CEN and CENELEC members, the European Commission and EFTA, as well as representatives from European industry, took place at the beginning of September. The results of the meetings contributed to produce first drafts of the long-term roadmaps and Annual action plans for 2019. These will be discussed with the respective foreign partners in view of starting their implementation in January 2019.

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Article date: 2018-10-04