CEN and CENELEC adopt a strategic plan on Innovation  

CEN and CENELEC adopted their strategic plan on Innovation in June during their General Assemblies.

By adopting a strategic plan on Innovation, CEN and CENELEC aspire to help European researchers and innovators to succeed in market penetration and keep Europe competitive in a global economy. Standardization can play an incentive role in helping innovative ideas to reach the market faster and, at the same time, contribute to a trustful and transparent innovation process.

The plan will work along three main action lines, each with their own target audience.

The role of European standardization in facilitating market access for innovative ideas may not be evident to all researchers and inventors. The plan therefore aims to introduce standardization to researchers as an asset in support of their career progression and a handy tool for successful market entry of their product or services.

To boost the market access for innovations, CEN and CENELEC will work on involving research consortia in standardization and developing a fast track process to transform first level consensus documents into full consensus standards.

National and European institutions will be approached in order to foster acknowledgement and support of standardization as an influential tool for market access, as well as to create an environment where the contributions of researchers to standardization are supportive to their (scientific) careers.

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Article date: 2018-10-04