Strategic Action Plan for Batteries: the way forward 

Considering the uptake of electric mobility, the development and production of batteries is becoming even more critical for Europe. It is also expected to see a substantial market increase for advanced portable and industrial rechargeable batteries on a short and long run. Currently, cell manufacturing capabilities are mainly located in Asia, so it is crucial for European leaders to be technologically independent in the future.

EC Strategic Action Plan on Batteries

In this context, EC Vice-President Šefčovič - in charge of Energy Union - launched the European Battery Alliance (EBA) in October 2017. This alliance is a cooperative platform gathering EC, Member States, relevant stakeholders, the EU Investment Bank and ‘innovators’ with the objective ‘to create a competitive manufacturing value chain in Europe with sustainable battery cells at its core’.

In parallel, the European Commission launched in May 2018 the ‘Third EU Mobility Package ‘Europe on the Move: Sustainable Mobility for Europe’ which includes a ‘Strategic Action Plan on Batteries’. This Action Plan defines a strategy to create a competitive and sustainable battery manufacturing industry in Europe. The Action Plan ‘combines targeted measures at EU level including raw materials, research and innovation, financing, standardization/regulatory, trade and skills development’.

In the frame of the Action Plan, the EC Vice-President Šefčovič organized a meeting with key stakeholders on 4 July 2018 including CEN and CENELEC. During the meeting, standardization was indicated as a fundamental tool in fostering the development of the battery industry. Vice-President Šefčovič highlighted that there are standardization needs in batteries, such as raw material and storage, and called for further action in order to close the existing gaps. 

Way forward

To keep the momentum, and considering the huge interest of stakeholders in this area, CEN, CENELEC and InnoEnergy, as key actors of the EBA, will hold a technical workshop in November 2018 during which experts will inform InnoEnergy/EBA stakeholders on European Standardization rules and principles, on ongoing and upcoming European and international (ISO and IEC) standardization initiatives and will discuss future standardization needs and opportunities in the field of batteries.

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Article date: 2018-10-04