Harmonized Standards  

  • New Guidance

New Guidance, common to CEN and CENELEC will be provided soon and made available via CEN BOSS and CENELEC BOSS on handling development of Standardization requests, their execution and development of standards for citation in OJEU. CEN BOSS and CENELEC will provide general guidance and drafting templates; very specific sectoral guidance will appear on the sector webpages.

Decision Ref: CEN/BT 57/2017 and CLC/BT D157/050, applicable from: 2017-09-27

  • Action Plan for citation of harmonised standards in OJEU

AN action Plan for citation of harmonised standards in OJEU was agreed between CEN-CENELEC and the European Commission.
The Action Plan foresees mid-term and long-term actions to decrease the stock of non-cited harmonised European standards. CCMC has sent a first batch of 8 lists of candidate harmonised standards (those blocked due to administrative reasons and those requiring more in-depth analysis/discussions) to the European Commission for agreement in view of taking the necessary steps allowing citation in the OJEU.

Decision Ref: CEN BT 63/2017 and CLC/BT D157/056, applicable from: 2017-09-27

  • New Approach Consultants (NACs)

The European Commission is defining a new framework for the NAC activity and they will take full responsibility of the management of their contracts as of 2018. The new system will replace current NA consultants by ‘HArmonized Standards Consultants (HAS Consultants). CCMC, on behalf of CEN and CENELEC, will undertake the necessary actions to adequately tie in the new framework with the CEN and CENELEC activities on harmonized standards.

EC expects the new framework to be fully operational in April 2018. To ensure continuity, CEN and CENELEC are exploring the possibility to extend the current service contracts with NACs for the first three months of next year.


Article date: 2017-10-27