Trademark protection 

A trademark is a distinctive and recognisable sign that can be used by a business or organisation as a way to identify its products and/or services. A trademark can be a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of these, also referred to as “brand”, identifying a product or service of the owner.
A trademark can be registered officially at national, regional or international level, restricting the use exclusively to the owner only.

The registered trademarks of CEN and CENELEC are intangible assets of the European standardization system which embody the values and the reputation of both organisations. They represent the CEN and CENELEC business and convey to customers and other stakeholders a distinctive perception of the high quality of the deliverables that CEN and CENELEC produce.

Consequently, CEN and CENELEC and their respective members have an interest in maintaining the integrity of these trademarks and a responsibility to protect them from any misuse that might damage the reputation of the two organisations.

CEN and CENELEC are also the owners of the Keymark, which is linked to a voluntary pan-European certification system demonstrating that a product or service is in conformity with the relevant European Standard(s).

To find more information on the use and protection of the trademarks and domain names of CEN and CENELEC, please refer to CEN-CENELEC Guide 24 “Use and protection of the trademarks and domain names of CEN and CENELEC”.

In case you have any questions about the use of these trademarks, please contact