List of patent declarations 

In order to facilitate both the standards-making process and the application of deliverables, CEN and CENELEC make available to the public a shared Patent Information list composed of information that was communicated to the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC) by means of Declaration Forms. Please note that the Patent Information list is not certified to be either accurate or complete, but only reflects the information that has been communicated to CCMC.

The Patent Information list provides a mechanism for patent holders to inform standard users about any patents that are relevant to a particular standard. In such cases, standard users are advised to contact the patent holders in order to agree any patent licenses that may be necessary.

An important proportion of CEN and CENELEC deliverables are transpositions of ISO and IEC deliverables through the Vienna and Frankfurt Agreement processes). For these deliverables, one should consult the list of patents declarations received by ISO and the list of patent declarations received by IEC.