What is Copyright ?

Copyright is commonly understood as a set of exclusive rights granted to the author or creator of an original work, including the right to copy (reproduce), distribute and adapt the work.

CEN and CENELEC Standards documents and other technical deliverables and publications are covered and protected by copyright.

Where can I find more information on CEN-CENELEC and copyright?

Please refer to CEN-CENELEC Guide 10 on “Policy on dissemination, sales and copyright of CEN-CENELEC Publications” which outlines the CEN and CENELEC joint policy on copyright and distribution.

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How to play safe?

In case you are interested in obtaining the national version (implementation) of a European Standard document or in any other document distributed by CEN and CENELEC members, please contact the sales department of the national standards body or electrotechnical committee in your country. 

Failure to respect CEN and CENELEC copyright, and their national members’ exploitation rights, by illegitimately copying (even partially), translating or distributing Standards documents or other CEN and CENELEC publications, results in breaking the law and in possible legal penalties.

In all cases that fall outside or go beyond the jurisdiction of a single country, you are strongly encouraged to request advice from the Legal Affairs department of the CEN and CENELEC Management Centre in Brussels.

Any such enquiries should be addressed to

Illegal practices that fail to respect copyright may ultimately jeopardize the development of future standards by depriving standards organisations of financial income to cover the costs of their work!