Exploitation rights, reproduction and distribution of CEN and CENELEC documents 

CEN and CENELEC’s members - the national standards organisations and national electrotechnical committees - enjoy, within their own territories, the full right to sell, reproduce, translate, and otherwise exploit the CEN and CENELEC copyrighted Standards documents & other technical deliverables and publications.

Therefore, the licensing terms regarding any reproduction, even partial, or any other form of exploitation of the copyrighted document in one of the CEN and CENELEC members’ countries, must be agreed in advance with the concerned national standards organisation or electrotechnical committee.

Adoption & distribution of CEN and CENELEC documents by non-European standards organisations

CEN and CENELEC encourage the adoption of European Standards by national standards bodies in non-European countries. They therefore grant favourable conditions on domestic sales and distribution of those European standards that are adopted as national standards in non-European countries.

In cases where a national standards body in a non-European country wishes to publish and sell a CEN or CENELEC standard document without having adopted it as a national standard, CEN and CENELEC can offer such a possibility subject to the payment of appropriate royalties.

More information on these topics can be found in the CEN-CENELEC Guide 10 on “Guidelines for the distribution and sales of CEN/CENELEC publications”.