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Ms Alexandra RENTEA
Project Manager, Market Perspectives and Innovation
South Asia (SARSO)
Development of membership: CSBs
Analysis and reports on the global outreach of the European Standardization System
Dissemination of European Standards (ENs) outside the CEN and CENELEC membership.
Stakeholder engagement;

Mrs Zhuohua CHEN
Project Manager, Market Perspectives and Innovation
Canada, Central and South America;
Caribbean and Pacific Group of States countries;
China, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN countries;
Development of Membership (MoUs, Cooperation Agreements);
Projects: SESEC IV, Quality Infrastructure in the Western Balkans

Project Manager, Market Perspectives and Innovation 
Gulf States, Russia, Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Africa;
India, Central and South Asia and Oceania; 
Development of Membership (MoUs, Cooperation Agreements);
Projects: SESEI III