Companion Standardization Body (CSB) 

The CSB status is available to all the National Standardization Bodies (NSBs)/ National Electrotechnical Bodies (NCs) that are not eligible to become a CEN and/or CENELEC Member or Affiliate. It offers the possibility to work closely with CEN and CENELEC, achieve technical harmonization with Europe, and contribute to the removal of technical barriers to trade.

When using the same standards, economic operators from around the globe can compete on a level-playing field, speaking the same technical language. For us, technical alignment should first and foremost be achieved by the worldwide adoption of ISO and IEC standards.

To complement this harmonization effort, we offer the concept of Companion Standardization Body (CSB) – a partnership model that will strengthen the global trading position of your country and bring you closer than ever to the European market.

CEN and/or CENELEC CSBs enjoy unlimited access to European Standards (ENs) for adoption, they can influence the development of European Standards by participating in the work of CEN and/or CENELEC Technical Bodies and get first-hand information on the latest developments in CEN and CENELEC.

Access the list and coordinates of:

For a general overview of the CEN and/or CENELEC CSB status, check our brochure.


  • Build a strong partnership that will bring you and your industry a privileged position in Europe;
  • Foster trade with the Europe by adopting European Standards;
  • Get a better understanding of the European Standardization System and contribute to the development of European Standards.


  • Gain direct access to CEN and CENELEC standards repositories;
  • Adopt ENs as national standards without restriction;
  • Observer an unlimited number of CEN and/or CENELEC Technical Bodies (upon Technical Committee approval);
  • Participate in CEN and CENELEC General Assembly meetings as observers.

Would you like to become a CEN and/or CENELEC CSB?

Check the CEN and CENELEC Guide 13 on 'The concept of a Companion Standardization Body with CEN and CENELEC' for more details about the eligibility criteria, the application procedure as well as the right and obligations linked to the CSB status with CEN and/or CENELEC.