CEN and CENELEC cooperation with SCC 

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is the recognized national standards body of Canada and in this capacity facilitates the development and use of national and international standards and accreditation services to enhance Canada’s competitiveness and social well-being.


Already in 2011, we started our cooperation with the SCC. During the negotiation of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada we agreed with the SCC to support the development of this Free Trade Agreement by establishing a formal cooperation framework. This led to the signature of our first Cooperation Agreement in February 2012 lasting 3 years.
We effectively used this channel to exchange information and views on strategic and technical issues of mutual interest. Regular bilateral meetings were held to evaluate progress reached in the framework of this cooperation and to discuss the way forward. This partnership has triggered valuable exchanges in the field of smart energy grids and timber structures, as well as the support we all offer to ISO and the IEC.

Renewal Cooperation Agreement

This close and successful cooperation between us brought about the renewal of our Cooperation Agreement in January 2016. In the next three years CEN, CENELEC and the SCC aim to:

  • promote and enhance communication between CEN, CENELEC and the SCC for a better mutual understanding of our activities, priorities, and roles;
  • adopt a complementary approach to the standardization process in domains of mutual interest;
  • contribute to and promote the use of international practices, regulations and standards, whenever possible;
  • encourage cooperation in order to avoid duplication of work efforts as much as possible;
  • facilitate access to the respective standards-development processes of Canada and the EU.

For more details about the CEN-CENELEC-SCC Cooperation Agreement, please see below the:

    CEN and CENELEC contact person: Mrs Zhuohua CHEN, Project Manager - Market Perspective and Innovation.