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The CEN and CENELEC Boards agreed at their meeting of 29 March 2017 (CEN/CA Decision 29/2017 and CENELEC/CA Decision 146/14) that CWAs in the R&D domain and in the ICT domain be made publicly available on the CEN and CENELEC websites if a pre-payment is made as compensation for the possible loss of revenue to the CEN and CENELEC members.

The CWAs in the ICT domain that are made available under pre-paid download conditions, are available from the CEN and CENELEC website.


Because of their broader relevance, three CWAs (one CWA addressing the ‘Journalism Trust Initiative’ and Two CWAs addressing Standards Essential Patents in IoT and hence of interest to the R&I community) are also made available for download here below:

CWA 17431:2019 Principles and guidance for licensing Standard Essential Patents in 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), including the Industrial Internet
CWA 95000:2019 Core Principles and Approaches for Licensing of Standard Essential Patents

CWA 17493:2019

(English version)
Journalism Trust Initiative 

CWA 17493:2019

(French version)

Initiative pour la fiabilité de l'informatique et les bonnes pratiques journalistiques

CWA 18016:2023

Age appropriate digital services framework

CWAs resulting from an EU-funded project (or more generally a Europe-wide project with public co-funding) are made available for download under this arrangement from this page:

CWA 17147:2017  Guidelines for the evaluation of installed security systems, based on the STEFi dimensions (CRISP)
CWA 17145-1:2017  Ethics assessment for research and innovation - Part 1:Ethics committee (SATORI)
CWA 17145-2:2017 Ethics assessment for research and innovation - Part 2:Ethical impact assessment framework (SATORI)
CWA 17185:2017  Methodology for Improving the Resource Efficiency of Energy Intensive Industrial Processes (TOP-REF)
CWA 17284:2018 Materials modelling - Terminology, classification and metadata (MODENA)
CWA 17260:2018 Guidelines on evaluation systems and schemes for physical security products (HECTOS)
CWA 17300:2018 City Resilience Development - Operational Guidance (SMR)
CWA 17301:2018 City Resilience Development - Maturity Model (SMR)
CWA 17302:2018 City Resilience Development - Information Portal (SMR)
CWA 17335:2018 Terminologies in crisis and disaster management (DRIVER+)
CWA 17354:2018 Industrial Symbiosis: Core Elements and Implementation Approaches (SHAREBOX and EPOS)
CWA 17381:2019 The Description and Assessment of Good Practices for Smart City solutions (SMARTER TOGETHER)
CWA 17382:2020 Sustainable Energy Retrofit Process Management for Multi-Occupancy Residential Buildings with Owner Communities (SMARTER TOGETHER)
CWA 17384:2019 Articulated industrial robots - Elastostatic compliance calibration (COROMA)
CWA 17437:2019 Innovative and adaptable envelopes over existing façades in building refurbishment - Design, economic assessment, logistics and installation guidelines (BRESAER)
CWA 17453:2019 Bionic Aircraft - Optimized ALM support structures made from Al alloys
CWA 17454:2019 Bionic Aircraft - Quality control of metal ALM parts using the Ultrasonic Technique
CWA 17484:2020 Anaerobic digestion plants - Feasibility assessment methodology for integrating a Volatile Fatty Acid Platform Technology (VOLATILE)
CWA 17486:2019 Verification of performance levels of Galileo Enabled mass-market receivers
CWA 17492:2020 Predictive control and maintenance of data intensive industrial processes (MONSOON)
CWA 17494:2020 Analytics Insights and Scaling Policies for Microservices (UNICORN)
CWA 17502:2020 Privacy of monitoring technology - Guidelines for introducing ambient and wearable monitoring technologies balancing privacy protection against the need for oversight and care (REACH2020)
CWA 17513:2020 Crisis and disaster management - Semantic and syntactic interoperability (DRIVER+)
CWA 17515:2020  Building a common simulation space (DRIVER+)
CWA 17553:2020 Community face coverings - Guide to minimum requirements, methods of testing and use
CWA 17514:2020 Systematic assessment of innovative solutions for crisis management - Trial guidance methodology (DRIVER+²)
CWA 17541:2020 European Criteria for Quality Internships
CWA 50714:2020 Reference model for distribution application for microgrids
CWA 17663:2021 Measurement of Worker Satisfaction in Automated Systems - Methodology CEN Workshop Agreement
CWA 50271:2021  Recommendations for a modular and cross-cutting Power Take-Off for wave energy direct drive linear solutions.
CWA 50272:2021 Methodology, procedures and equipment required for the laboratory testing of a modular and crosscutting Power Take-Off for wave energy converters
CWA 17664:2021 Lower-limb wearable devices - Performance test method for walking on uneven terrain
CWA 17726:2021 High temperature accelerated ageing of advanced ceramic specimens for solar receivers and other applications under concentrated solar radiation
CWA 17727:2022 City Resilience Development - Guide to combine disaster risk management and climate change adaptation - Historic areas
CWA 17793:2021 Test method for determination of the essential work of fracture of thin ductile metallic sheets
CWA 17794:2021 Measurement of diffusible hydrogen in metallic materials - HELIOS 4 HOT PROBE method
CWA 17806:2021 Design Circular Framework Setting - Composite recovery design solutions in the automotive industry
CWA 17807:2021 Dismantling methods and protocols in a Circular Economy Framework - Composite recovery in the automotive industry

CWA 17815:2021


Materials characterisation - Terminology, metadata and classification

CWA 17819:2021


Guidelines for the assessment of resilience of transport infrastructure to potentially disruptive events

CWA 17835:2022


Guidelines for the development and use of safety testing procedures in human-robot collaboration

CWA 17857:2022

Lens-based adaptor system for coupling fibre optic to infrared semiconductor lasers
CWA 17858:2022 Guidelines for Traditional Micro-SMEs’ GDPR Compliance
CWA 17865:2022 Requirements and Guidelines for a complete end-to-end mobile forensic investigation chain
CWA 17866:2022 Key factors for the successful implementation of urban biowaste selective collection schemes
CWA 17896:2022 Test method for the evaluation of the adhesive properties of fibre reinforced polymer composite joints
CWA 17897-1:2022 Extraction, production and purification of added value products from urban wastes - Part 1: Production and purification of ectoine obtained from biogas
CWA 17897-2: 2023 Extraction, production and purification of added value products from urban wastes - Part 2: Extraction and purification of PHA biopolymers
CWA 17898:2022 Methodology to quantify the global agricultural crop footprint including soil impacts
CWA 17907:2022 European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing Interoperability (EFPFInterOp)
CWA 17918:2022 Zero Defects Manufacturing — Vocabulary
CWA 17933:2023 Digital health innovations - Good practice guide for obtaining consent for the use of personal health information for research and innovations
CWA 17935:2022 Sustainable Nanomanufacturing Framework
CWA 17938:2023 Guideline for introducing and implementing real-time instrumental-based tools for biomechanical risk assessment
CWA 17939:2022 TRAIN4SUSTAIN Competence Quality Standard
CWA 17941:2022 Guidelines for an integrated approach of building retrofitting projects based on enhanced shallow geothermal technologies
CWA 17944:2022 Valorization of light hydrocarbons - One-pot method for the preparation of nanocatalysts for non-oxidative dehydrogenation  (nODH) of light alkanes
CWA 17947:2022 Urban search and rescue - Guideline for the application of a test method for innovative technologies to detect victims in debris (WSCUR001)
CWA 17953:2022 Guidelines for dual-based training systems
CWA 17954:2022 Characterization of a hybrid heat pump module
CWA 17960:2022 ModGra - a Graphical representation of physical process models
CWA 17967:2023 Guidelines for design of advanced Human-Robot Collaborative cells in personalized HRC systems
CWA 17974: 2023 Basic CBRN training curriculum for first responders and medical staff including first receivers
CWA 17995:2023  Digital Sovereignety - European perspectives, general approach, and implications on standardisation
CWA 18002:2023 Best practices for hybridization and injection moulding of rigid control units on in-mould flexible devices
CWA 18005: 2023 Requirements and recommendations for social media early warning messages in crisis and disaster management
CWA 18006:2023 eXtended Reality for Learning and Performance Augmentation - Methodology, techniques, and data formats
CWA 18009:2023  Evaluation of exercises - Implementation Guidelines 
CWA 18011:2023 Guidelines for the evaluation of the plane stress fracture toughness of advanced high strength sheets in the frame of fracture mechanics
CWA 18012:2023 Test method for the determination of a cracking resistance index for advanced high strength steel sheets
CWA 18013:2023 Collaborative emergency response - Common addressing format and emergency identification protocol
CWA 18014:2023 Mediation Grammar - A testing methodology for measuring the empowerment of users of public services for migrants
CWA 18017:2023 Management of forest fire incidents - SITAC-based symbology
CWA 18018:2023 Structuring an emergency response plan for crisis management stakeholders
CWA 18019:2023 Specifications for Digital Scenarios for Crisis Management Exercises
CWA 18022:2023 Exchanging of building and infrastructure damage information with Common Alerting Protocol
CWA 18023:2023 International and interinstitutional crisis and disaster management - Guideline for the mapping of terminology and icons
CWA 18024:2023 Emergency management - Incident situational reporting for critical infrastructures
CWA 18028:2023 Semantic layer definition and suitability of OASIS EDXL-CAP and OASIS EDXL-SitRep standards for crisis management in critical infrastructures
CWA 18038:2023 Methodology for managing maintenance strategy and remanufacturing projects of large industrial equipment
CWA 18059-1:2023 Definition of parameters required for modelling of the material, cell and manufacturing process behaviour for battery cells for the automotive market - Part 1: Data required for modelling the material, cell and manufacturing process for cells for the automotive market
CWA 18059-2:2023 Definition of parameters required for modelling of the material, cell and manufacturing process behaviour for battery cells for the automotive market - Part 2: Experiments and characterisation techniques for data required for modelling cells
CWA 18083: 2024 Methodology for the construction of omics-related knowledge graphs from animal, vegetal and environmental data
CWA 18090: 2024 User centric charging infrastructure for electric vehicles - Guidelines for operators to implement advanced smart charging and management strategies
CWA 18091: 2024 User centric charging infrastructure for electric vehicles - Charging stations of the future - Stations models considering users' expectations
CWA 18096: 2024 CBRNe SENSOR API - Network Protocols, Data Formats and Interfaces
CWA 18095: 2024 Recyclability of novel and sustainable energy harvesting and storage technologies for IoT and wireless sensor network
CWA 18106: 2024 Circularity Protocols for extending the useful Life of Large Industrial Equipment
CWA 18107-1: 2024 Advanced fatigue testing methods - Part 1: Self-heatingmeasurements
CWA 18107-2: 2024 Advanced fatigue testing methods - Part 2: Stiffness method
CWA 18112: 2024 Aluminium And Its Alloys - Fluidity Evaluation Via Multi Strip Testing Moulds

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