Your feedback is important to us
Do you have a comment, a compliment, or a complaint about the quality of service provided by the
CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC)? 
We value your feedback (positive and negative) and strive for continual improvement.

Please send us your feedback.

How your feedback will be handled:

1. CCMC analyses the feedback received and decides whether the feedback:

  • falls within the scope of CCMC services, or
  • does not fall within the scope of CCMC services but relates to the CEN & CENELEC Systems:

         Within the scope

        Outside the scope

        CCMC replies within 7 working days informing the originator of the proposed solution and timing for completion or, in case of no action, of the reasons.

        If no solution can be found within 7 working days, CCMC informs the originator of the date for a later reply providing the proposed solution. 

        In case of feedback related to the technical content of texts of CEN and CENELEC Publications, it is immediately forwarded to the responsible TB Secretary. The originator is put in copy of the forwarding message.

        CCMC forwards the feedback, together with its analysis to:

        • BT or CA depending on the nature of the feedback, for further decision; or
        • a particular organisation for reply if the feedback falls within the scope of its services; or
        • CCMC reviews the answer to consider whether further action is needed. 

        CCMC takes direct action as decided and, upon completion, informs the originator thereof.
        Should no reply be given by the originator within a month, CCMC will consider the feedback as handled (closed) and will file the feedback according to its own procedures.

        The competent organization/body sends a copy of its answer to CCMC.

        CCMC reviews the answer to consider whether further action is needed.

         2. All feedback is reviewed on a yearly basis within the CCMC Quality Management System (certified against EN ISO 9001), trends identified where relevant and corrective/preventive actions taken as necessary.