Webinars for standard drafters 

In 2020, we will continue the organisation of the "Webinars for standard drafters" of interest of all persons drafting CEN & CENELEC standards. These webinars aim primarily Technical Body Secretaries and TC Working Group convenors.

Through these webinars we will achieve a common understanding of the drafting rules and the related procedures. This is also an ideal opportunity for CCMC editors to better understand TCs' expectations and strengthen working relationships with Technical Bodies.

Our 2020 calendar will have a main focus on drafting standards for XML.

20 February 2020 - Standards in XML: Where to start with XML

Scope: A comprehensive info session covering the aspects of standards-related XML, focusing on what XML is, how we use it, and why the quality of first-delivery drafts is so important.

28 APRIL - Drafting for XML: How to draft the perfect XML standard

28  MAY - Drafting for XML: Technical requirements for Figures

Scope: This webinar will detail the technical requirements on figures. It will show the attendees how to use the quality-check tool on Projex-Online, and will explain why the requirements are in place. It will also cover the rejection of texts due to poor quality or missing figures.

25 JUNE - Drafting for XML: Normative references and in-text citations 

The attendees will learn about the requirements for normative references, as described in the Internal Regulations Part 3, but also how to write them for XML. Additional coverage of writing in-text citations of:

  • Clause references
  • Specific standards (dated and undated)
  • References to Figures, tables and annexes

Register: https://cencenelec.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_pmzHC4pFTcGPL9R3_xWvhQ

17 September - How to draft XML-friendly tables

Webinar on drafting tables which are perfect for XML, covering:
- nested tables
- complex tables and applicable error messages
- long cells
- table layout (title before table)
- styling
- figures contained in tables – naming, etc
- equations

Register: https://cencenelec.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_zzyBOoVhSFeG0xy0KnnGaw

October - Formulae and equations

This webinar will explain all the rules surrounding formulae and equations, such as:
- use of Math Type
- how to avoid excessive use of formulae within paragraphs of text
- rules at publication stage
- tables

November - Annexes

Webinar of 30 minutes on drafting annexes and how to refer to them in line with the Internal Regulations Part 3.

December - In-check procedure 

Webinar on new transmission notice, rejection of texts, harmonised standards.

Past webinars presentations and Questions & Answers: