CEN-CENELEC event for Technical Body Officers 

Every two years the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC) organizes in Brussels the CEN-CENELEC event for Technical Body Officers, i.e. Chairpersons and Secretaries of CEN and CENELEC Technical Bodies. The event is composed of:

  • Training for the newly appointed Technical Body Officers
    This interactive training session is addressed to Technical Body Officers that have entered their function as Chair or Secretary since December of the previous year. Its aim is to help the new TB Officers get acquainted with various concepts and tools directly related to the standardization community. It is also an excellent occasion to exchange views and receive feedback on their first experience and expectations.

   Download the presentations of the December 2019 training:

     - Welcome and introduction by Cinzia Missiroli - Director, Standardization and Digital Solutions at CEN-CENELEC
     - The European Standardization System
     - Understanding the CEN standardization process
     - Understanding the CENELEC standardization process
     - IT tools in the CEN environment
     - IT tools in the CENELEC environment
     - IT tools in the CEN & CENELEC environments
     - Addressing legal issues in standards development process
     - Enhancing involvement of SMEs & societal stakeholders : Annex III organizations

        • The Awards ceremony to pay tribute to a selection of Technical Body Officers
          The nomination for the Awards ceremony is made by Members of CEN and CENELEC represented in the Technical Boards, following a strict selection procedure based on the Technical Body Officers' professional and soft skills, as well as a their high degree of commitment, knowledge and expertise. Read more about the 'Criteria and parameters of selection' for the CEN and CENELEC awards of TC Chairs (pdf format) and TC Secretaries (pdf format).

The 2019 awardees were extensively put in the spotlight via the CEN-CENELEC Twitter channel. Check it out here.

  • Seminar for all Technical Body Officers
    This session provides an overview of the major novelties in CEN and CENELEC rules and procedures over the last two years, including future trends and challenges. It also offers a platform where Technical Body Officers share information and exchange ideas on subjects directly related to standardization.

   Download the presentations of the 2019 seminar here:

     - Welcome by Cinzia Missiroli - Director, Standardization and Digital Solutions at CEN-CENELEC
     - Novelties in the CEN & CENELEC Rules & Processes
     - Drafting standards for citation in OJEU
     - The Standardization Requests
     - Best practices for CEN & CENELEC TC Secretaries
     - Adoption of standards by 3rd countries and overview of modes of partnership
     - The Digital Transformation - Strategic Plan
     - The CEN-CENELEC Innovation Plan
     - Strategy & Policy Outlook 2030 for CEN & CENELEC