Quarterly IT Tools trainings 

  • Every quarter, the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC) organizes an online IT Tools Training Day. The agenda, created with input from our National Member Organizations, is published online ahead of the session. This training focuses on specific CEN and/or CENELEC IT Tools, and is based on the needs and interests of Technical Body Officers and IT Tools administrators at national level.

In addition, CCMC also organises trainings on the IT tools in case of important updates related to the IT Tools.

Should you be interested in following one of the future IT Tools webinars, please contact us for registration.

Please note that topics can be added or the order of the topics rearranged according to priorities.

Trainings on updated IT Tools

On 31st January 2019, the new Collaboration Platform for CENELEC Technical Bodies will be deployed (link: https://collaborate.iec.ch). Following this new update of the application, we organised several online training sessions.

Trainings 2020:

Webinar of 23 April 2020: status of the IT projects plan new

  • Download the PowerPoint presentation (pdf format)  

    Recorded training on Projex-Online for CEN & CENELEC Experts:

    Presentation of Projex-Online tool dedicated to the CEN and CENELEC experts.
    View the video recording (soon available)

    Access the Presentations and Questions & Answers of the previous webinars: