IT tools training - 2018 

    Quarter 1: Tuesday 30 January 2018

     Upgraded version cen Projex-online working area

    The Projex-Online Working Area provides facilities for the CEN TC secretary (and supporting staff on request) to prepare and submit (delegated) TC decision to CCMC. The process of the creation of new Work Items and other decisions will be explained from A to Z, highlighting the most recent updates made to the application.

    Target audience: CEN TC secretaries

    CEN Meeting participation

    CEN Meeting Participation is the central database for all CEN meetings. The aim of the application is to enable Committees and Working Groups officers to create and manage their meetings in a central place, as well as to enable registration of participants to the meetings by their respective NSB/Liaisons Meeting Participant Approver (MPA).
    The use is not mandatory, but we highly recommend you to start using the application. It will help you to gain time and become more efficient!

    Target audience: CEN TC secretaries & CEN WG convenors

    Three different webinars took place handling this topic (on 2018-01-16, on 2018-01-30 and on 2018-02-15).

    Quarter 2: Monday 25 June 2018

    new version cen Projex-online working area

    An introduction to the CEN Projex-Online Working Area from A to Z.
    As of July 2018, the use of the CEN Projex-Online Working Area is compulsory for all decisions. This training session will explain the CEN secretary how to use the tool for the different decisions.

    Target audience: CEN TC secretaries

    CENELEC  committee Internal Voting (CIV)

    The CENELEC CIV is an application allowing all CENELEC TC/SC Secretaries to create ad-hoc questionnaires/voting forms for consultation at committee level. The application offers online management of the TC members’ reply. The result will be collated automatically. It will further streamline and simplify the decision making process at TC/SC level. The CENELEC Committee Internal Voting is available since 25 June 2018.

    Target audience: CENELEC TC/SC secretaries

    Quarter 3: Tuesday 25 September 2018 

    CEN Committee internal balloting (CEN CIB)

    The CEN Committee Internal Balloting (CEN CIB) is an application available for all CEN Secretaries that allows them to create voting forms for their committees' internal work. There is the possibility to create ad hoc ballots, but the use of the templates is highly recommended. For the adoption of new Work Items the use of the CEN CIB is compulsory.

    Target audience: CEN TC secretaries

    CEN-CENELEC Projex-online

    Projex-Online is an application with the CEN and CENELEC Work Programmes, and includes different monitoring functionalities for following up the work in the different CEN & CENELEC Technical Bodies.

    Target audience: CEN & CENELEC TC/SC secretaries