Environmental trainings 

The CEN Environmental Helpdesk proposes three types of training to standard writers on how to address environmental issues during the development or revision of standards:

  1. E-learning - 'Environmental aspects in standardization' (EN, FR or DE)
  2. Inclusion of environmental aspects in standards - On-site training (Brussels) - in English only
  3. Standardization for environmental experts - On-site training (Brussels) - in English only

More about the CEN Environmental Helpdesk trainings in the CEN website.

Online webinars available for you

CEN-CENELEC Guide 32 - ‘Guide for addressing climate change adaptation in standards’ 

The webinar provides greater understanding as to why it is important to address climate change adaptation in European standardization. It will guide you through all sections of Guide 32, explaining how to apply it systematically during the development and revision of standards in your sector. The invited speakers were George Paunescu from the European Commission Directorate General Climate Action and Kay Johnstone, convenor of the project team in charge of developing the guide. 

Download the Guide 32 PowerPoint presentation (pdf format)
Access the list of questions and answers related to the Guide 32 webinar (pdf format)

CEN-CENELEC Guide 33 - ‘Guide for addressing environmental issues in testing standards’ 

The webinar explained why it is important to address environmental issues in testing standards, how is this related to the other environment-related guides, and how to apply it during the development and revision of the testing standards. 
The invited speaker was André Podleisek, member of the project team in charge of developing the guide.

Download the Guide 33 PowerPoint presentation (pdf format)
Access the list of questions and answers related to the Guide 33 webinar (pdf format)

Practical tips for the application of the CEN Guide 16 ‘Guide for addressing chemicals in standards for consumer-relevant products’.

The webinar explains standard writers how to use the guide and its background document in practice. CEN Guide 16 is intended to assist in the development of normative provisions for chemicals, particularly in those areas where specific regulatory provisions for chemicals are absent.

We invite you to listen and send in all your questions via e-mail to trainings@cencenelec.eu
Listen to the webinar here.
Read more about the CEN GUIDE 16 background here.
Download the CEN Guide 16 here.

Webinar: "Addressing climate change adaptation within or across organisations by using the new European standard EN ISO 14090"

The climate is changing and organisations will have to rise to new challenges to ensure business continuity. This webinar will talk about EN ISO 14090, the first European standard on adaptation to the impacts of climate change. Aimed at organisations of all types and sizes, it sets out good practice around:
- identifying impacts
- understanding uncertainties
- identifying relevant actions and developing a plan
- getting the involvement of top management
- understanding capacity to adapt
- implementing an adaptation plan
- monitoring and reporting

EN ISO 14090 can provide assurance that organisations understand their resilience and are taking steps to tackle it.
It offers a planned route to climate change adaptation that is iterative and can be used across sites to provide consistent and replicable activities.

Target audience: This standard is suitable for all organisations across all sectors of all sizes.  It will be of use to those who make decisions on organizations – CEOs, Directors, asset managers – as well as those who will use the standard – adaptation consultants, sustainability/environmental/facilities managers.
The webinar is useful for CEN and CENELEC and all external stakeholders interested in ensuring business continuity as climate changes.

Watch the webinar

Consult the presentation (PDF format)

Webinar – Best practices of tackling plastics recycling in a Circular Economy by using European Standards

Challenges linked to the production, consumption and end-of-life of plastics can be turned into an opportunity for the EU and the competitiveness of the European industry.

CEN and CENELEC are hosting a live webinar aimed at exploring how and which European standards could help in finding the best solutions for plastics recycling. Speakers from the European Commission joined by TC industry experts will present the results of the joint work between policy makers and standard writers.

Target audience: National Standardization Bodies/National Committees, Technical Body officers, Industry, Partner/Liaison organizations, Policy makers and other parties interested in in the European policy background and the stands related to plastics recycling.

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Webinar – Exploring standardization’s contribution to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by the UN General Assembly, calls all countries and stakeholders to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The European Green Deal puts the SDGs at the heart of EU policy making and action.
The engagement of the standardization community is also crucial for the achievement of the goals. 

This webinar helps you to find out more about:
- Europe’s environmental and sustainability ambitions, goals and strategies
- how European standards can contribute in the overall achievement of the SDGs,
- how to include the SDGs in standardization projects in practice, through concrete examples,
- how you and your networks can accelerate the contribution to the SDGs through the standardization path.

Target audience: This webinar is suitable for CEOs, Directors, SDG coordinators/national bodies, sustainability/environmental/facilities managers, consultants, coordinators within sustainability and environment.
The webinar is useful for CEN and CENELEC members and stakeholders interested in the role of SDGs in standards.

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upcoming webinars

Webinar on water stewardship
It will present how standards support European water policies and other related policies (smart cities, green infrastructure) and what are the latest needs.

Yearly training for the environmental experts of the societal stakeholders  (co-organised with ECOS)
The objective of this webinar is to help participants understand the CEN/CENELEC and wider standardization processes and identify how they can most effectively engage to secure environmental improvements through supporting the development of standards and related standardization products.