Request a meeting room

The CEN-CENELEC Meeting Centre team will be pleased to prepare for you a tailor-made offer and confirm the booking.

  • How to know if a meeting room is available?

You can check the availability of the meeting rooms through the 'Meeting Room Manager'. To log in, use the following ID: default. No password is required. Before making any bookings, please make sure to read our 'Terms and conditions'.

  • Confirming your booking

To confirm your booking, please fill in this form and send it back to the meeting centre at the following email address.

  • What about virtual meeting room?

CEN-CENELEC Management Centre offers you the possibility of meeting virtually (GoToMeeting). For all requests for web conference services, please use the Request Form for CCMC web conferences and send it to the following email address.

  • Still having questions?

For further information on bookings and/or to make an appointment to visit the CEN-CENELEC Meeting Centre, please contact the reception desk: 

Tel: + 32 2 519 68 71
Fax: + 32 2 519 69 19