Common CEN-CENELEC governance: Presidential Committee 

CEN and CENELEC each have their own respective governance bodies (General Assembly, Administrative Board, Technical Board, Advisory Bodies and Technical Bodies).

The European Standardization Organizations have created a joint structure to facilitate cooperation on strategic matters of common interests: the CEN-CENELEC Presidential Committee.

The Presidential Committee

The CEN and CENELEC Presidential Committee (PC) is a governing body created jointly by CEN and CENELEC and mandated by the Administrative Boards of both organizations to manage and administer non-sector specific policies and joint actions in relation to matters of common interest.


The PC is composed of the two Presidents of CEN and CENELEC, the Presidents-Elect, the six Vice-Presidents and the Director General of CEN and CENELEC.

Presidential Committee 2017

The Presidents:
Mr Vincent Laflèche(CEN)
and Mr Bernhard Thies (CENELEC)

The Vice-Presidents:
Finance: Mr Jesper Jerlang (CEN), Mr Kimmo Saarinen (CENELEC);
Policy: Mr Rüdiger Marquardt (CEN), Mr Wim de Kesel (CENELEC);
Technical : Mrs Gudrún Rögnvaldardóttir (CEN), Mr Maurice Buckley (CENELEC).

Secretary: Elena Santiago Cid, CEN and CENELEC Director General


The PC meets at least twice each year and reports to the Administrative Boards of both CEN and CENELEC.