Mission & objectives 

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) are two distinct private international non-profit organizations based in Brussels.

Our mission is to fulfil the needs of our stakeholders: amongst others business, industry and commerce, service providers, public authorities and regulators, academia and research centres, European trade associations and interest groups representing environmentalists, consumers, trade unions as well as small and medium enterprises, and other public and private institutions.

We are leading providers of voluntary European Standards and related products and services for the benefit of businesses, consumers and other standard users in Europe.

European standards are driven by business and made through a transparent, balanced and consensus-based process in which relevant stakeholders are involved.

We aim to produce high-quality standards for products and services that incorporate quality, safety, environmental, interoperability and accessibility requirements. We adapt proactively to new developments and support European competitiveness, the protection of the environment and sustainable growth for the well-being of citizens and the strengthening of the single market (European Economic Area).

We promote the unique European Standardization System and its results, leading the implementation of best practice in standardization around the world.

We actively support international standardization, and cooperate closely with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC),  in order to pursue the goal of ‘one standard, one test, accepted everywhere’.


CEN and CENELEC Ambitions 2020

    In line with the Communication from the European Commission 'EUROPE 2020 - A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth' (COM(2010) 2020), the CEN and CENELEC communities have outlined where they want to be in 2020 in their so-called 'Ambitions 2020'.

    The paper reflects CEN and CENELEC’s commitment to actively contribute to the strengthening of Europe’s growth and competitiveness through a solid and sustainable standardization system that creates added value for the European economy. The European standardization system acts as an important component in European leadership, whilst at the same time advancing consumer safety and environmental protection. This joint initiative reflects the need for convergence and for strengthened cross-sector cooperation through a shared vision, while providing an overall framework for our future business development.

    CEN and CENELEC have set six objectives to be reached by 2020, namely global influence, regional relevance, wider recognition, network of excellence, innovation and growth and a sustainable standardization system.

  • Learn more about the CEN and CENELEC Ambitions 2020 (pdf format)