Senior Management 

Composition of the Director General Committee

The day-to-day running of the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre is the responsibility of the Director General, who reports to the Boards and General Assemblies of CEN and CENELEC.

The Director General is supported by the Director General Committee. It is composed of the Director General and the heads of the seven main departments. It is the Director General’s Committee which is responsible for the development, implementation and review of the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre objectives.


Elena Santiago Cid

Mrs Elena Santiago Cid
Director General

The DIRECTOR GENERAL of CEN and CENELEC, who acts as Managing Director of CEN-CENELEC Management Centre, is responsible for the overall functioning of the organization, its financial, legal and regulatory responsibilities, and for maintaining the central position of the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre in the European Standardization System.


Sarah Penny

Mrs Sarah Penny
Strategy & Governance


  • monitors the implementation of the CEN and CENELEC Strategy and supports the Director General for the CEN and CENELEC strategic relationships with ISO/IEC;
  • ensures coordinated and relevant content for all Bodies supporting the Governance for an informed decision-making process;
  • manages Membership, Membership Relations & Monitoring Committee (MRMC), Affiliation;
  • provides legal advice, manages the legal platform and ensures corporate legal housekeeping;
  • manages and coordinates the policy engagement of CEN and CENELEC (foresight monitoring, yearly planning, coordination of implementation);
  • manages and coordinates the CEN and CENELEC engagement with SMEs, societal and business stakeholders (a.o. Industry WS);
  • manages CEN and CENELEC communication to reinforce their recognition and general understanding of the value of European Standardization  (websites, social media, events, publications, etc.);
  • exploits data, facts, figures and content to provide valuable system intelligence to customers;
  • manages European Partners Agreements (except Liaisons);
  • manages training services provided by the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre;
  • is the reference point of contact for EU/EFTA.


Ashok Ganesh

Mr Ashok Ganesh
Market Perspectives & Innovation


  • manages the Technical Board Working Group Standards, Innovation and Research (BT/WG Stair), including the Technology Market Watch;
  • monitors and implements actions deriving from the Joint Research Centre (JRC) agreement;
  • monitors Research Work Programmes and calls for projects proposals (FPx);
  • promotes identified standardization opportunities to the Members for uptake in the CEN and CENELEC work programme;
  • provides support to the Members for those interested in funded research projects;
  • promotes the European Model, technologies and market interests beyond the EU market, through standardization alliances and management of projects (SESEC - China, SESEI - India, Technical Assistance projects);
  • manages Companion Standardization Bodies (CSB) partnerships and other agreements with foreign partners, including related market intelligence.


Cinzia Missiroli

Ms Cinzia Missiroli
Director Standardization & Digital Solutions


  • ensures coherent overall standardization management;
  • supports standardization work and Members holding Technical Committees (TCs) secretariats, ensuring coherence and consistency in TCs’ management (incl. related information platforms) and develops (digital) standardization solutions;
  • manages the standardization development process and ensures targeted and timely outputs;
  • manages CEN and CENELEC Technical Bodies (TBs), the Technical Committee Management Group (TCMG) and related Working Groups (WGs) and carries out their decisions; 
  • manages the standardization digital transformation, incl. processes and procedures;
  • ensures sectorial business analysis to establish priorities in line with market needs;
  • coordinates CEN and CENELEC inputs for the ICT Multi Stakeholders Platform;
  • manages technical coordination with ETSI;
  • manages technical coordination with ISO/IEC;
  • contributes to the draft standardization requests to ensure their market relevance and that CEN and CENELEC interests are taken into consideration;
  • manages standardization projects supporting EU legislation and policies;
  • manages CEN and CENELEC obligations towards Regulation 1025/2012 (RegRep, CoS);
  • supports Members in the development of technical proposals subject to EC/EFTA funding;
  • manages liaisons agreements related to TBs (CEN/CENELEC Guide 25);
  • manages foreign partners participation in CEN and CENELEC TBs and vice versa;
  • acts as reference point of contact for the CEN and CENELEC Members (incl. bilateral support to Members) and for Industry.