CEN and CENELEC Communities 

More than 200.000 technical experts from industry, associations, public administrations, academia and societal organizations are involved in the CEN and CENELEC network.

The stakeholders of the CEN and CENELEC system are: business, industry and commerce; service providers; consumer, environmental and societal organisations; public authorities and regulators; and other public and private institutions.

Most of these stakeholders are represented in the CEN and CENELEC communities through:

  • 34 national members: national standardization bodies (CEN)/electrotechnical standardization committees (CENELEC) who constitute the final decision-makers within CEN and CENELEC;
  • European organizations, associations and federations representing stakeholders such as business, industry, consumers, environmental and societal organizations, etc.;
  • governmental bodies and other authorities, including the European Commission (EC) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA);
  • the affiliates who are the national standards bodies/committees in countries that are cooperating with the European Union (either as potential candidates or in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy);  special partnership status of standards bodies in other countries (and regions) outside Europe;
  • relations and Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with regions and countries outside the European Union and EFTA;
  • international cooperation with ISO (CEN) and IEC (CENELEC).

For more information about the CEN and CENELEC communities please see also the CEN website and the CENELEC website.